Online video game gambling: How to bet on games?


Online gambling is a growing industry online, with everything from poker to skill-based games becoming increasingly popular. Just like sports betting and the fastest payout online casinos, video game gambling has been on the rise as well, with gamers betting on specific games and matches through an increasing variety of sites.

Sites like, one of many esports betting sites, let players bet on competitions in a variety of markets, including first-person shooters and turn-based strategy games as if they were doing sports betting or playing casino games.

The main attraction of video game gambling is, as online gambling sites, they have the ability to bet on video game matches that are already underway, rather than having to wait for results. This means the outcome of a match is much more predictable and does not rely so heavily on factors such as luck or skill level.

It’s likely that the number of video game gambling sites will rise in popularity as well, with more gamers wanting to bet on matches. This is already something Valve has taken advantage of and allowed for through their Steam service by adding a feature that allows users to wager games from their inventory against other players.

With this update being added into CSGOlounge, it can be expected we may see similar features come along soon enough within Blizzard’s Overwatch platform or even similar sites like and Betway in the future as well, depending on how popular this becomes.

Is it a good thing?

It certainly adds another level of entertainment to the game and can be an interesting way for players who are more interested in esports than just playing video games as they normally would.

With gambling being legalised within many states around the world, there’s no doubt that this will become even more popular over time as online gambling laws develop.

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It’s important for players to be careful about how much they bet and on what, however. With games now being able to be wagered for online betting within a marketplace like CSGOlounge or G2G where there are no laws regulating it yet, you never know the kind of people who may try and take advantage of that loophole in order to scam others out of their items.

Those looking into this new feature from Valve at first glance might assume betting with your inventory is a bit of a risk and something you should stay away from.

But that’s not the case at all, since your items are still yours no matter what happens in these matches, similar to most casino operators, regardless of whether they support online gaming or not.

To ensure there is a little chance for fraud occurring as possible within this market Valve has implemented an escrow system to protect players who wager their inventory on bets with other users or people they do not trust completely yet.

This way if someone does try scamming another player out of his item it will not be possible to do so with the escrow system in place.

This is a great feature that makes it safer for players who want to bet on matches, but does not have an effect at all on those who just enjoy playing CS: GO as normal without wanting anything more than bragging rights from winning games against others online or offline and earning XP along the way.

How to bet on CSGOlounge and participate in the global online gambling market

Without further ado, let’s dive into how you can start betting on video games:

1. Get a CSGOlounge account and deposit funds into it via Bitcoin or PayPal (preferred).

More payment methods will be added in the future, but this is currently your best option if you’re from North America or Europe. You can also use Perfect Money to withdraw money from sites that support those payments later down the line with very little fees involved; just ask for help on how to do so using PMs!

2. Make sure you have Steam installed on your computer.

This is the primary platform for most of these games and settings, as well as where you can purchase a lot of virtual goodies like skins (visual upgrades) or stickers to place in-game on your weapons/guns!

3. Find an event that interests you via CSGOlounge’s website

Lookup any upcoming matches between two specific teams; note they might not always be listed there depending on if it was just announced recently or how big the teams are. You can also try out a few of their automated betting systems/tools by selecting different bets and settings, or you could use an external site like CSGORoll to select your own particular match(es) depending on what’s already been played before in that specific tournament!

4. Make sure there is at least one hour until game time (when they start playing on the server) before you bet.

If not, just wait until there’s an hour left and place your bets then!

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5. When in betting mode on CSGOlounge, select a team to win by clicking their flag/symbol at the top of that column.

This will cause all choices for who wins or loses to be reduced depending on which one(s) are still available. The same goes with whoever has more kills by the game’s end: if you choose one team, the other will be automatically selected for who has more kills.

6. If there are many different options to bet on (like total rounds won or first person with a kill), just select all of them!

This is called “boxing”, and it should increase your odds slightly depending on how many bets you have in play at once – if everything goes well anyway… Good luck!

Final thoughts on sports betting, online casinos, and video game betting

Whether it’s multiplayer online battle arena games that are your thing or FPSes, problem gambling is still just as relevant to esports betting legal as it is to sports gambling or any other way of gambling online. Enjoy yourself but be sure to gamble responsibly.